A Money Candle Spell

Money Money Candle Spell

In the center of a large fishbowl, place a green candle marked with symbols and words that are personally meaningful for financial abundance. Anoint the candle with mint extract before affixing it to the bottom of the bowl. Every day for a month, beginning on a waxing moon, toss a coin into this magic well (the bowl) and light the candle for a few minutes. Add a brief incantation such as

“Saving for a rainy day will help more money come my way.”

Have this bowl nearby and the candle lit when you balance your checkbook against your bank statement at the end of the month. When the bowl is filled, or the candle burns too low, put the funds to charitable use so the universe can return your kindness.

General Uses :
Financial improvement or stability. Improved cash flow and resources. Prosperity.

Timing :
The month of April. Full and blue moons. Moon in Taurus, Virgo, Aquarius, or Pisces. Sunday.